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- Chlamydia - The Most Frequently Reported STD
- Chlamydia in Men is not as Dangerous as it in Women
- What is Chlamydia Pneumoniae and How to Treat it?
- How to cure chronic prostatitis with different treatments?
- Can nonbacterial prostatitis cause dull pain in testicles?

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 What causes to result in chronic prostatitis? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nowadays, more and more male friends are troubled by chronic prostatitis, whatever they are elder, young or child-bearing. Well, this being the case, then it is very important for us to find out the reasons to bring about chronic prostatitis. How many causes to be infected with chronic prostatis, next, let’s talk about it.
Chronic prostatitis had the trend appearing in men who have the intercourses and elder men in the past, however, according to the latest statistics, young men is also becoming gradually the groups suffering from chronic prostatitis. The main reason for young men with the disease is because they have poor habits of living, such as: staying up late to play games in a long period, sitting or standing for a long time , or long-term smoking and drinking ,these are absolutely the causes to result in recurrent congested prostatitis.
In addition, As for child-bearing men, if they like to frequent masturbation, long-time sexual intercourse and so on, then recurrent congestion of the prostate will be created, later, inducing the prostatitis. Supposed they have the sex with partners with chlamydia or mycosplasma, an increasing risk of getting the prostate infections will be caused by chlamydia or mycosplasma under the help of the urine tract. In this situation, chlamydial prostatitis and mycoplasma prostatitis occur in succession.
 Besides these causes, some rare causes include the stimulation of the urine fluid, factors from the immune systems, etc. they can lead to the prostatitis. The stimulation of the urine fluid will make mucous membrane of urethra be damaged, then there is a lower ability against the pathogens, in a result, lots of pathogens will have a 
retrograde infection to the prostate via the urine tract; factors in the immune system are mainly the prostate antigen, then prostate tissues will be damaged, finally, prostatitis is brought out.
Whatever the causes of chronic prostatitis are, if it is the existence of the bacteria after checking up, then patients should make a positive attitude to diminish the inflammation. In the case, “diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill” will be more helpful for the treatment. Meanwhile, if chronic prostatitis is caused by poor habits of living, it is needed for patients to adjust their own timetable to offer the body a good rest for a health circulation.

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 Acute prostatitis complications and Chronic prostatitis complications Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Acute prostatitis complications


1. Acute uroschesis: As a matter of fact, acute prostatitis can lead to local congestion, swelling, urethral pressure, which can all cause dysuria or acute uroschesis.   

2. Acute seminal vesiculitis, epididymitis or deferentitis: acute inflammation can easily spread to spermatophore, then cause acute seminal vesiculitis. Besides, bacteria can enter wall or exotheca of the vas deferens through lymphatic duct, which can give rise to epididymitis.  
3. Spermatic lymph nodes or tenderness: Prostate meets testicular lymphoma in os pelvicum. Therefore, acute prostatitis can affect varicosity, which causes spermatic lymph nodes or tenderness. 
4. Sexual dysfunction: During acute inflammation period, prostate congestion, swelling or small abscess can appear. In addition, ejaculation pain, painful erection, loss of libido, sexual pain, hematospermia, impotence can also be found as the common sexual dysfunction symptoms. 
Others. In more serious cases, acute prostatitis can bring about groin pain, renal colic. 
1. Chronic seminal vesiculitis: Chronic seminal vesiculitis is a common complication of chronic prostatitis. In the chronic course of disease, seminal vesiculitis coexist and interact with chronic prostatitis. With time passes by, chronic prostatitis and chronic seminal vesiculitis can obviously have influence on male sexual function. 
2. Impotence: Impotence is also one of the common complications of chronic prostatitis. 
3. Infertility: In infertility patients, chronic prostatitis is an important factor. 
4. Posterior urethritis: Chronic prostatitis can easily cause posterior urethritis, especially prostatitis which is caused by urinary system infections, In stranguria, urinary irritation symptoms occur as early symptoms of chronic prostatitis.
5. Epididymitis: Prostatitis can coexist with seminal vesiculitis. Both inflammations can invade epididymis and then induce chronic epididymitis. 
6. Various cystitis: When chronic inflammation in prostate spread to bladder, apparent urinary tract irritation symptoms occur. 
7. Bladder neck sclerosis: Bladder neck sclerosis happens very rarely actually.   
8. Allergic diseases: Chronic lesions hide in patients' body and transform to be pathogens, which can lead to all kinds of allergic diseases. For instance, arthritis, myositis, iritis, neuritis, etc.

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 Madden 17 Seahawks Championship Details: Schedule & Ticket Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The tournament will feature top EA Sports Madden gamers from around the US such as Rick Cisneros (Crystal City, TX), Kerry Lee (Anaheim, CA.), Damian Altamirano (Molalla, OR), Michael Clark (Spokane, Wa)
They and others will be competing to win piece of over $15,000 in prizes at Sky Church at the Museum of Pop Culture.

The mut 17 coins buy Seahawks Championship winner will advance to the Madden 17 Club Series Championship in early April for a chance to win an additional $50,000 and qualify for the 2017 EA Sports Madden Championship in May.
How to Watch
cheap madden 17 coins You can watch the quarterfinals in person with the purchase of a museum ticket (doors will close at 5 p.m.).
The semifinals of the Madden 17 Seahawks Championship will begin at 6 p.m. This is an exclusive portion of the event and will not be open to the public. Don’t worry, the semifinals and finals will be live broadcasted for viewers to watch online.
The eight finalists will compete against one another on a 33’ x 60’ HD LED screen in the Sky Church at the Museum of Pop Culture. Seahawks.com will broadcast all the games, as well as the EA Sports Madden NFL Twitch channel and the Facebook account of the official click here.

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 Madden Mobile Coins March Promotion: Like Facebook Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

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 Is Frequent Nocturnal Emissions A Sign Of Prostatitis? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nocturnal emission is an important symbol of development after men getting into puberty. Normal nocturnal emission is a physiological phenomenon, it won’t bring harm to the body. However, some males can have frequent nocturnal emissions, it usually has connection toprostatitis, a common disease in males. Is frequent nocturnal emissions a sign of prostatitis? How to cure this phenomenon caused by prostatitis?
As we mentioned that nocturnal emission is a symbol of male maturity, it refers to spermatorrhea when sleeping. Generally speaking, unmarried young men will have nocturnal emission once a month, or once to three times a week. But if a man have nocturnal emission for three or four times a week for a long period, it can be regarded as an abnormal phenomenon. It’s necessary to get diagnosed and have a proper treatment. 
Sexual organs or local lesions of urinary system, such as overlength phimosis or prepuce, urethritis, or prostatitis, these lesions can stimulate the sexual organs to and cause nocturnal emission. Therefore, if noticed this phenomenon is too frequent, the causes mentioned all can be considered, the specific cause has to be examined. 
After the prostate fluid examination, it’s found that white blood cells in the prostatic fluid in microscopy at high magnification view is more than 10 and the lecithin corpuscle decrease, it can be diagnosed as prostatitis; or the B ultrasound shows that the prostate tissue structure boundary is not clear and disorganized, it can be diagnosed as prostatitis.    
Treatment of nocturnal emission caused by prostatitis 
Though prostatitis has high recurrent rate, the treatments for this disease usually have no obvious curative effect. Western medicine mainly use antibiotic treatment. According to the patients’ susceptibility testing to drugs, doctors will choose the corresponding antibiotics to patients. But its shortage is that it’s not suitable to take this medicine for a long time. Besides, it has no effect on nonbacterial prostatitis, so it has some weaknesses on the treatment. Therefore, patients usually need to take traditional Chinese medicine to have a radical cure.    
In the treatment of prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine can cure the disease from the overall aspects. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is commonly used for curing prostatitis, the cure rate is relatively high. The herbs in the pill have the properties of clearing away heat and toxins, so it has the same effect as antibiotics. The difference is traditional Chinese medicine has no side effects like drug resistance and kidney damage. Moreover, this pill contains guiding drugs which can lead the medicine to the infected area.     
Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill has varied functions of clearing away heat and toxins, promote the circulation of blood and qi, induce diuresis and relieve stranguria. It can eliminate the pathogens from the root of the disease and enhance patients’ immunity. Thus, the prostatitis can be cured permanently, that is to say the frequent nocturnal emission can be eliminated.    

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