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 Natural Remedy for Adenomyosis Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Adenomyosis is a common condition in females. Generally, patients normally have the experiences of migraines, blood, abdominal, bladder and bowel tests, and seeing various specialists, even having a brain scan, not one medically qualified person mentioned the existence of the condition to patients. Adenomyosis is a rare condition, and the most commonly reason for its development is growth of cells in the endometrium abnormally expanding into the muscular walls of the uterus, . Although females may not have any outward symptoms , when this happens to them, it will attribute to the painful. Patietnts can see what adenomyosis is, it's benign, it is spreading across their uterus and it's called adenomyosis. In most adenomyosis cases, it is harmless and painless, but in some conditions, it could result in difficulties in getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. The more complicate conditions about adenomyosis is not very clearly, Despite little known about this condition, but there are natural healing options, one of which is Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If there are any symptoms the women suspect them to be adenomyosis, they should visit the doctor. Not being medically qualified, sometimes, you have to start to do your own researches on-line to find out more, and noted there was limited information available to help you understand the condition that you were newly diagnosed with.

No doubly, your particular experience of this condition will affect your family, as well as home and work life considerably. Most of time, you may need supports and advice, but there is little available. In order to understand this condition more it is important to know your uterus. The uterus is intended to be the home of your developing baby.

You were shocked at the lack of information and research available to read, to enable you to manage the extreme symptoms despite the apparently common occurrence of adenomyosis. You battled on, on you own and spent literally months coming to terms with the fact that ultimately you still feel puzzled.


More rersearch into the causes of adenomyosis can only be a good thing, since it seems indiscriminate in terms of age, and can occur in women who have had no children or any trauma to their womb. At present, Traditional Chinese Medicine is available, which meet the patient’s basic requirements, no side effect, and no other complications.

Generally speaking, after suffering chronic and constant pelvic pain and anemia, and physically changing shape so much patients eventually found that only Traditional Chinese Medicines were reliable and comfortable, an kind of herbal medicine for adenomyosis treatment called Fuyan pill upon by various herbals from plants, which can reduce the inflammation caused by adenomyosis. For now, it is changing changed patients’ life forever.

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 Fuyan pill for Endometriosis Treatment Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Endometriosis is a common disease is females, and there are many symptoms that indicate a female get the disease.
It is very necessary to speak to your family and friends about endometriosis, and raise their attention to the endometriosis. Nowadays, endometriosis has become one of most common disease among women. The healthy organization is getting active locally or nationally awareness and helps spread to the word about early diagnosis and understanding. Visit to your doctor if you or your family members are concerned about symptoms that may be endometriosis. Traditional Chinese Medicine is the solution of endometriosis.
Endometriosis is caused by the growth of tissue, because the displacing tissues expand outside of uterus, which should be inside in that. Sometime, it may be elsewhere in her body. However, in many endometriosis patients, it often occurs in the abdomen. This misplacing tissue responds to the menstrual cycle in the same way that the tissue lining the uterus does: each month the tissue builds up, breaks down and sheds. Menstrual blood from the uterus flows out of the body through the vagina; however, the blood and tissue from endometriosis has no way of leaving the body. Most of this condition will cause the inflammation and sometimes scarring. Furthermore, both of them will result in the painful symptoms of endometriosis and may contribute to difficulty getting pregnant. For women with endometriosis, if they want to have a baby, it is intractable thing for them.
We know that the endometriosis will cause inflammation. Thus, it is necessary to debilitate the source of the inflammation. Since many treatments do not have satisfactory outcomes, or the adverseherbal medicines is effects often accompany with, only Traditional Chinese Medicine is reliable for the patients. One of the best Fuyan pill for endometriosis treatment, which is being prescribe to patients. At same time, compared with other treatment, Fuyan pill has great effect on the body without any damage or producing other complications during the traditional Chinese Medicine.

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 PID’s Natural Remedy Fuyan pill Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease in patients with systematic symptoms is more obvious, there may be a small number of patients will appear painful sexual intercourse, fever (hot flashes), very few patients will have symptoms of neurasthenia, insomnia, fatigue, lack of energy, the whole body may feel discomfort. Most patients come to consult the doctor because of infertility,
A history of acute pelvic inflammatory disease and long treatment, recurrent symptoms are the main basis for diagnosis of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, but many patients have more symptoms, and no obvious history of pelvic inflammatory disease and positive signs (such as endometritis; tubal adhesions Obstruction, water; pelvic adhesions, etc).
Causes of PID
1.The direct spread of inflammation of adjacent organs : the most common are the appendicitis and peritonitis, because they are adjacent to the female reproductive organs, inflammation can be spread directly, causing pelvic inflammation; suffering from chronic inflammation can also be through the lymphatic circulation, causing pelvic connective tissue inflammation.
2.Intrauterine infection after operation: such as the placement or removal of intrauterine contraceptive ring, curettage, tubal ligation, hysterosalpingography, hysteroscopy, submucosal resection, etc., it is also due to preoperative sex life or unstandardized surgical disinfection or preoperative selection of appropriate indications, the original reproductive tract of chronic inflammation, the surgical interference caused by acute attack and spread; some patients do not pay attention to personal hygiene after surgery, or do not follow the doctor's advice, the same can make bacteria upstream infection, causing pelvic inflammatory disease.
3.Menstrual poor health: If you do not pay attention to menstrual health, the use of unclean sanitary napkins and pads, menstrual bath, menstrual sexual intercourse can cause pathogen invasion and inflammation.
4.Postpartum or post-infection: maternal physical weakness after delivery, pathogens take advantage of invasive intrauterine, and easily lead to infection or spontaneous abortion, vaginal bleeding time of medical abortion is too long, it can occur after abortion infection.
Natural Remedies for PID
Fuyan pill is a natural PID treatment. All the patients needn’t received any antibiotic therapy during the Traditional Chinese Medicine. This PID treatment uses the natural herbs without the side effects on women. The function of Fuyan pill has been identified among these females who use fuyan pill to treat their disease.

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 Treat PID with a new way Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

For most of us, we may heard of PID, but do you really know the disease? It is the disease which we are going to discuss about later.

natural cure for pid is a very common disease in females that has affected a lot of women in the world. According to clinical manifestation of PID, it can be described as the scope of abdominal pain, postpartum fever, and leukorrheal diseases etc. by traditional Chinese medical doctors. And the pathogenesis of this disease is nothing more than two factors, internal causes and external causes. The internal ones contains emotional disorder, abnormal diet, overstrain and excess of sexual intercourse. However, the exogenous pathogenic factors and operative wound are contained in the external ones

But there are still natural ways to cure PID. Natural remedies for PID are discussed in this passage. Such treatment belongs to one kind of Chinese medicine which mainly follow the principles about promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis and heat-clearing and detoxifying etc. some external treatments in the natural remedies for PID could be used to cure quickly. The first one is to take a few garlic pastes to put into the hypogastrium for once or twice one day; the second is to get dandelion pastes to external application, and oral administration of dandelion can have great effects; the third is to mix the kansui root, musk, flour and honey to pasty to apply into the painful place.

There are some examples in our life. For example, a couple living in wuhan are bothered with the disease of infertility, and doctor says they have the disease because the wife have PID. They do not want to have surgery because they know it would lead to some severe complication which the y do not want to see. Therefore they turn to the TCM doctors, and the doctors says they should use fuyan pill to deal with the problems they are facing. And they follow the doctor advice, and it turns to be successful because not long after the wife get pregnant and 10 months later they become parents. The story indicates that fuyan pill is effective and useful for the females with PID.

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 Treatment of Hydrosalpinx Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

When it comes to hydrosalpinx, what will come to mind? Yes, it may be the fluids in the fallopian tubes. And the disease will lead to infertility, which bothers many couples in the world. So today we shall talk something about the disease and the treatment.


1.Surgery: If the surgery will not cause careless tubal water, irregular uterine bleeding caused by intrauterine surgery, and then appear blood scab parcels, or disinfection an n hospital is not strict, resulting in intrauterine infection, disaster of Fallopian tubes can cause hydrosalpinx.

2. Chronic salpingitis, accessories, pelvic infection

The occurrence of chronic salpingitis, tubal umbrella end can be due to inflammation and adhesions atresia, fallopian tube lumen leakage, exudate gradually accumulated from the water. And some fallopian tube hydronephrosis from fallopian tube empyema come into. Abortion, unclean sexual intercourse and other causes of attachment, pelvic infection, can lead to tubal wall adhesion, congestion, edema, water and obstruction, and further lead to sperm and egg can not be combined, resulting in infertility.

3. Tubal ligation: long-term tubal ligation will lead to hydrosalpinx, part of the tubal hydrosalpinx is not caused by inflammation of the fallopian tube, but because of tubal sterilization occurred after surgery.

4. Tubal umbrella end congenital atresia

Tubal umbrella completely blocked lead to fallopian tube obstruction and thus affect the pregnancy, even if not completely locked, due to fallopian tube water will often damage the fallopian tube mucous membrane, severe hydrosalpinx can even make fallopian tube normal function completely lost, so that fallopian tube reverse, causing bleeding Sexual infarction and so on.

There are ways for the treatment of hydrosalpinx and some women may choose to do surgery which is very dangerous, because some women who receive the surgery finally may get worse. This is not what they want, and there is alternative methods: medicine. It can cure the disease without causing any pain or any other complications. That is herbal medicine, which can be listed as an ideal approach to tackle the problems, and it worthy of trying. It inherits the wisdom of the traditional Chinese Medicine which says the best way to cure a person’s diseases is that the body has the function to cure itself.

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