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 Chlamydia in Men is not as Dangerous as it in Women Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

chlamydia for men is by far one of the leading sexually transmitted infections in both men and women and although left untreated may lead to complications, men are less prone to get complications. Thus, chlamydia in men is not as dangerous as in women.

Chlamydia in men genitals is one of the most common sexually transmitted disease that affects the male population. This type of infection is caused by bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. The bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis does not however affect only the urinary tract and genital are but also the eyes. A certain type of conjunctivitis, called Chlamydial conjunctivitis is caused by the same bacteria. Thus, antibiotics is usually prescribed to treat chlamydia as it is often caused by bacteria. Antibiotics has function of killing bacteria.

In addition, herbal medicine has particular function of killing bacteria and virus and doesn’t have any side effects. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is a herbal medicine for chlamydia in men. It has helped many patients with stubborn chlamydia infection.

Chlamydia is sometimes referred to as the silent infection because it rarely causes symptoms. Chlamydia in men does not seem to be as dangerous as in women, at least at a first glance. Yet, the bacterium chlamydia in men usually caused a white and cloudy discharge from the penis along with pain or burning while urinating. Some men experienced an increase in the frequency of urination as well as burning and itching around the opening of the urethra. Herbal medicine can cure these symptoms thoroughly in about three months.

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 What is Chlamydia Pneumoniae and How to Treat it? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

what's chlamydia pneumoniae are bacteria infect humans and can lead to pneumonia. They are a type of chlamydia. Chlamydia pneumoniae has a complex life cycle and needs to infect another cell to reproduce themselves.


What are the symptoms of chlamydia pneumoniae?


The symptoms of chlamydia pneumoniae infection will include, but not limited to, the development bilateral interstitial infiltrates as evidenced by the chest x-ray imaging, persistent bronchitis and cough, development of bronchial sound at the time of breathing but there will be no sign of wheezing like symptoms, some of the rare symptoms like the peri-bronchial cuffing, increased respiratory rate due to the decreased pulmonary function and tidal volume, nasal congestion and respiratory distress that may some times lead to sudden respiratory arrest and even it can cause death.


In addition, the chlamydia pneumoniae infection often causes other life threatening complications like the development of lung diseases, Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Heart diseases like Myocarditis, Myocardial infarction and Stroke and other autoimmune diseases like Guillain-Barre syndrome. Thus, it is very important to get this condition treated soon.


How to treat chlamydia pneumoniae?


Chlamydia pneumoniae can be treated with the help of antibiotics as it is a disease caused by bacteria. In addition to antibiotics, herbal medicine for chlamydia pneumoniae can be better. Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill and Fuyan Pill as remarkable herbal remedies for chlamydia  pneumoniae, it can eradicate this condition and doesn’t have any side effects.

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 How to cure chronic prostatitis with different treatments? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

How to cure chronic prostatitis - a stubborn disease all over the world becomes a hot topic in recent years. The complicated causes of prostatitis, various clinical manifestations, uncertain pathogenesis and different view point from doctors make the treatment methods of prostatitis are various. But there is one thing that I am sure that all treatments are worse than Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. But what makes this herbal medicine is so fabulous?

Antibiotic is one of the most typical treatments on clinical, but we all know with long-term apply of antibiotics, some diseases may develop strong resistance, so with the abuse of antibiotic, more and more antibiotics are useless. Sometimes, even the symptoms become milder, it sooner become severer. Furthermore, the side-effect of antibiotic is huge which can damage kidney’s function, so patients should take antibiotic carefully.
Dietary therapy
Let's take apple vinegar for example. Apple vinegar can improve the Zn protein to resist bacteria. But this way only play as a second role. So it can be used as dietary therapy, but if you think this way can clear away all bacteria, it isn't enough.
Traditional Chinese Medicine-TCM
TCM such as fumigation and acupuncture can stimulate meridian, promote blood circulation and enhance body strength and promote the abortion of inflammation. The herbal medicine named Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill invented by Wuhan Dr. Lee's TCM clinic is welcomed by many patients, for it works fast without relapse.
All in all, Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is the best. Dr. Lee, the inventor of Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, is an expert in treating male diseases. She qualified as an herbalist 30 years ago and is a highly experienced medical professional. She specializes in the field of male and female reproductive and urinary system diseases. Although there are numerous doctors in this field, she is the best. Her pill works fast and can cure prostatitis within three months. Every man is satisfied with the curative effect of this pill and this pill is the best.
Although many prostatitis men who have taken this pill before send good news to us, there also are many patients still are afraid of this disease. Now, don't panic and receive treatment in our clinic, not matter how stubborn your prostatitis are, it can be cured totally by our pills and bring a healthy prostate for you.

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 Can nonbacterial prostatitis cause dull pain in testicles? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nonbacterial prostatitis, no bacteria found in the prostate gland, is a common type of prostatitis. When suffering from this disease, patients would experience symptoms like spasms of the sphincter muscles of the bladder and the pelvic floor or the pressure in the urethra, and the huge pain in the prostate. Besides, some patients also experience the dull pain in testicles, and they wonder that whether nonbacterial prostatitis will cause dull pain in testicles?
The answer is that prostatitis can cause the pain in testicle. First, not only bacteria can cause prostatitis, but also some pathogens like chlamydia, mycoplasma or the gonorrhoea can cause prostatitis. So when the prostatitis is caused by Some STDs like chlamydia, patients will experience symptoms. When the STDs spread to the testicles, testicles will appear symptoms like dull pain and other symptoms.
Second, the main reason for the pain caused by the prostatitis is that the nerves are widely distributed in the prostate, and the nerves controlling the testicles, scrotum, and perineum. So when the inflammation or congestion appears, it will affect the nearby nerves, then the patients feel the dull pain in testicles
In clinic, doctors might find it harder to treat nonbacterial prostatitis because antibiotics only work on bacteria. Some doctors can prescribe medications such as terazosin, tamulosin and doxazosin; all classified as alpha-adrenergic blockers, which can help to control the symptoms of nonbacterial prostatitis. Acting as the relaxants for the muscles at the prostate gland, these medications are commonly used. However, it is reported that these medications usually offer relief from the symptoms in about six weeks.
When those medications fail to treat the disease, the patients are suggested to take the traditional Chinese medicine, especially for the herbal therapy Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. In the view of traditional Chinese medicine, the pain is caused by the obstruction of Qi and blood, so the treatment should start from promoting the circulation of blood and Qi. It is just the medicine which has the efficacy of promoting the circulation of blood and Qi, clearing away the heat and toxic materials. It can effectively relieve the dull pain in testicles caused by nonbacterial prostatitis.

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 What causes to result in chronic prostatitis? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nowadays, more and more male friends are troubled by chronic prostatitis, whatever they are elder, young or child-bearing. Well, this being the case, then it is very important for us to find out the reasons to bring about chronic prostatitis. How many causes to be infected with chronic prostatis, next, let’s talk about it.
Chronic prostatitis had the trend appearing in men who have the intercourses and elder men in the past, however, according to the latest statistics, young men is also becoming gradually the groups suffering from chronic prostatitis. The main reason for young men with the disease is because they have poor habits of living, such as: staying up late to play games in a long period, sitting or standing for a long time , or long-term smoking and drinking ,these are absolutely the causes to result in recurrent congested prostatitis.
In addition, As for child-bearing men, if they like to frequent masturbation, long-time sexual intercourse and so on, then recurrent congestion of the prostate will be created, later, inducing the prostatitis. Supposed they have the sex with partners with chlamydia or mycosplasma, an increasing risk of getting the prostate infections will be caused by chlamydia or mycosplasma under the help of the urine tract. In this situation, chlamydial prostatitis and mycoplasma prostatitis occur in succession.
 Besides these causes, some rare causes include the stimulation of the urine fluid, factors from the immune systems, etc. they can lead to the prostatitis. The stimulation of the urine fluid will make mucous membrane of urethra be damaged, then there is a lower ability against the pathogens, in a result, lots of pathogens will have a 
retrograde infection to the prostate via the urine tract; factors in the immune system are mainly the prostate antigen, then prostate tissues will be damaged, finally, prostatitis is brought out.
Whatever the causes of chronic prostatitis are, if it is the existence of the bacteria after checking up, then patients should make a positive attitude to diminish the inflammation. In the case, “diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill” will be more helpful for the treatment. Meanwhile, if chronic prostatitis is caused by poor habits of living, it is needed for patients to adjust their own timetable to offer the body a good rest for a health circulation.

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