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- How to cure chronic prostatitis with different treatments?
- Can nonbacterial prostatitis cause dull pain in testicles?

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 Does Prostatitis Cause Brown Ejaculate? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

In modern society, with the quickening pace of life, the males’mental pressure decreased their immunity, and the bacteria which cause prostatitis are easily penetrated. Intense pace of life and life pressure makes many white-collar workers always in nervous or anxious state, and this is a predisposing factor that causes prostatitis.

Prostate, especially prostate fluid, it is part of the semen liquid. When the prostate inflammation is not serious, the prostate fluid appearance has no obvious change, but serious inflammation shows different degrees of pus or purulent blood, prostate fluid pus thick, brown, yellow, cloudy or flocculent. As for the prostate cancer, prostate fluid often shows different degrees of bloody. Mild prostatitis microscopic examination shows leukocytosis. So the prostatitis can cause the color of the ejaculation liquid change into brown, yellow or dark red.
Fresh semen is thick jelly, and it turns into a thin liquid in half an hour. We can insert a small glass rod in the semen, and then lift the rod up, if the length of semen lines is no more than 2cm, we can judge it is normal, otherwise it is regarded as abnormal. Normal semen is gray, after self liquefaction, it is translucent milky white, if there is no ejaculation for a long time, it can be slightly pale yellow. People who have prostatitis had better abstinence 5-7 days, and then go to the hospital to do a semen analysis and prostate liquid conventional inspection, and according to the inspection results to do the prescribed treatment. Try diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, it may make you a surprise.
Along with the gradual increasing living pressure, prostatitis has become the male common diseases of the reproductive system. May be there are no symptoms, and may be the symptoms are significantly different, and there is a large difference in symptom response. For the ordinary people, it is hard to discover the prostatitis, the brown ejaculate is one of the major symptoms to judge, and it is so easy that everyone can handle.
Saying about the illness, the best and cleverest method is nipping it in the bud. In our daily life, do not drink too much wine or eat spicy food, and do not sit long, or the prostatitis will be serious, and Brown Ejaculation will come out again.

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 The three main causes of prostatitis for teenagers Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

The three main causes of prostatitis for teenagers

It is known that middle-aged people are most likely to suffer from prostatitis. However, according to the report, teenagers have become the high-risk groups of prostatitis. The followings are the three main causes of prostatitis for teenagers.

First, most teenagers usually have the experience of Holding back urine which is easy to cause prostatitis. For example, they are too busy playing to have piss; they wouldn’t like to urinate in the cold winter; they are so focus on watching TV and listening stories that they are unwilling to have urination. It is probable for them to lead to prostatitis.

Second, for some teenagers with redundant prepuce, they are more likely to cause balanitis and urethritis. Due to redundant prepuce, inflammation of balanitis and urethritis can flow back to prostate from the open urethral canal and ejaculatory duct, which is the main cause of prostatitis. It is reported that the youngest teenager of prostatitis was 12 years old.

Third, there is a common secret for boys and girls in adolescence that is masturbation. As we all know that masturbation means one uses the hand to fondle his pudendum in order to be satisfied on the psychological.

In fact, it is common to have occasional masturbation, which can’t bring harm to people’s mind and body,  because people with occasional masturbation are hard to have the symptoms of decreased food appetite, mental burnout, tetraparesis. However, the bad habit of frequent masturbation not only can cause diseases like prostatitis, but also lead to sexual dysfunction that can severely affect the physical and psychological health.

Therefore, if teenagers are too absorbed in masturbation, it is to cause lasting congestion of prostate while congestion is the symptom of infection. At last, they have to face the problems of prostatitis.

All in all, it is the tendency that more and more teenagers have been confused by prostatitis. Therefore, once diagnosis, they have to take suitable treatment in time. Considering the damage of antibiotics for teenagers, it is suggested that they’d better take TCM like diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill without any side effect. Besides, diuretic anti-inflammatory pill, which is made from pure natural herbs, can cure prostatitis once and for all.

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 What Types Of Prostatitis Should Be Treated With A Surgery? Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 

Nowadays, there are many treatments for prostatitis, such as antibiotics, traditional Chinese medicine, physical therapy, home remedies, etc. Though most types of prostatitis can be cured by Chinese medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, some patients may need to take a surgery for prostatitis. So, what types of priostatitis should be treated with a surgery?

Prostatitis induce nerval or mental abnormity.

Severe chronic prostatitis will induce nerval or mental abnormity. Patients will have a obsession to resect the prostate. Thus, the surgery is needed.

Stubborn cases of prostatitis.

If the condition can’t be improved by long-term medical treatments and the disease has severely affected the life quality because of the worsening symptoms, patients can take surgery to get rid of prostatitis.

Accompanied with prostate stones.

If chronic prostatitis is accompanied by multiple prostate stones, which seriously blocks the discharge of prostate fluid, patients have to be treated with surgery.

The course of prostatitis is long and repeated. 

Chronic prostatitis is a long-lasting disease. Most of patients have no obvious improvement by several medical treatments and the symptoms recur repeatedly. The long-term inflammation will make the prostate harden and smaller. What’s worse, it will increase the possibility of canceration. Therefore, patients should take a timely surgery to avoid the severe condition.

Accompanied with bladder neck sclerosis.

If prostatitis is accompanied with bladder neck sclerosis, urethral ridge hypertrophy, or merged with abscess, patients can take a surgery.

Daily-care for prostatitis.

1.Drink more water. Prostatitis patients need to increase the intake of water to promote the urination, which is conducive to discharge the inflammatory substances.

2.Take moderate exercise. Walking is the best way for prostatitis patients to take exercise. It’s harmful to ride a bike for a long time for it will oppress the prostate and aggravate the symptoms.

3.Control sexual activities. When the prostate is infected or has some discomfort,  the sexual activities will make the disease worse. Therefore, patients need to pay more attention to this problem and avoid excessive sexual life.

4.Warm sitz bath. Patients can take warm sitz bath for 15~30 minutes every day to ease the prostate pain. The temperature can’t be too high. This treatment is not suggested for all men with prostatitis because it may lead to male infertility.

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 Herbal Medicine Provides Better Effect On Treating Prostatitis Than Antibiotics Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 



To the best of our knowledge, prostatitis is one of the most common and an aggressive urological disease that can happen to men of all ages. Early prevention for prostatitis plays critical roles in the progression of serious disease. Although various options have been suggested for the treatment of prostatitis, including watchful waiting, pharmacological therapy, and surgery, the results are unsatisfactory. In the field of phytotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicinefor the treatment of prostatitis has been identified to obviously improve the symptoms of patients, depending on the severity of the disease.


In the current treatment, more and more people focused on the Traditional Chinese Medicinefor the treatment of prostatitis as the patients did not response to the therapy of western treatment. There are three major reasons explained as follows: firstly, Traditional Chinese Medicineis becoming more and more popular and reliable worldwide. Secondly, although patients accepted the western treatment, they are easy to get recur. Thirdly, these antibiotics generally will develop drug resistance and cause kidney damage which will induce further harm on patients’ body.


The major reason for patients begin to use Traditional Chinese therapy is that this kind of herbal therapy has no side effects on patients because all herbals in Traditional Chinese therapy for any disease are derived from natural plants without any antibiotic agents, which will greatly make sure the safety of patients during the treatment. Intriguingly, substantial number of prostatitis patients have benefited from the Chinese herbal-Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill.


What is Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill? Why it become quite popular among patients with prostatitis? For a long time, Dr. Lee and her team from Wuhan Dr. Lee’s TCM Clinic focus on the research of Traditional Chinese medicine treatment to find a way to help patients with prostate disease. Finally, a kind of herbal medicine named Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill had been developed. And this herbal medicine truly relieves a lot of patients from the prostatitis. No doubly, Dr. Lee did a great job and made contributions on the treatment of prostatitis. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill provides a higher efficacy and safer treatment for prostatitis patients. The main symptom-inflammation has been greatly alleviated after treatment of Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill.

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 Future Trends: Chinese herbal medicine for prostatitis Alerter l'administrateur Recommander à un ami Lien de l'article 


Research by the Ministry of Health indicates that antibiotic resistance in China may be a threat to public health, an official from the Institute of Clinical Pharmacology. However, it is becoming very common to use antibiotics, no exception for the disease of prostatitis. The outcomes of the treatment with antibiotics often caused resistance and tolerance. Namely, if the conditions remain like this for many years, this type of infection of prostate will be resistant to antibiotics; what's more, it may lead to some other diseases. In some areas, especially in remote mountainous regions, the inappropriate use and abuse of antibacterial drugs can also lead to drug resistance as confusion of the management.


Dr. Lee is a Chinese herbal medicine researcher. She has been committed to the study of traditional Chinese medicine for a long time. She was impressed that many patients with prostatitis in the world experience the pain from this disease. However, modern Western Medicine treatment failed to cure the patients thoroughly. As the saying goes "I pay the sweat to reap the benefits". She finally developed an herbal Chinese medicine to treat patients with prostate inflammation. This Chinese herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill receives widely good reputation among patients. Traditional Chinese Medicine has been regarded as a kind of treatment applied to any disease. Diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill shows the flexible and diversified methods in treating prostate inflammation with TCM, based on differentiation of syndromes.


Traditional Chinese medicine can be considered as a conservative therapy. Nevertheless, this new herbal medicine diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill have been widely used by majority patients with chronic prostatitis. So far, she has cured a number of patients. Although patients who begin to use this medicine may won’t feel obvious change compared with antibiotic, after several circles of treatment you may find totally improvements on you conditions. The aim of Dr. Lee, who developed this herbal medicine, is to help these patients to recover from inflammation completely. According to the relative reported data, currently, majority of patients will be devoid of symptoms after tailed treatment course. Compared with the western treatment, men suffering prostate inflammation, even severe conditions still have a palpable epididymis enlargement or prostatitis using antibiotic. The Chinese herbal medicines make sure patients' safety and devoid of other hazard, such as drug tolerance, drug allergy. I believe this natural and effective treatment is what patients expect and dream.

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